Facebook is the world’s largest online social networking platform. It has over one billion users and is continuing to grow. While a personal Facebook profile is more about interacting with friends, a business profile allows you to be more accessible to your customers in the most commonly visited web community.

Setting up your Facebook is relatively simple, but maintaining it can be a hassle. Visit our the Kingston Businesses Online Services page to see how we can help.

You can use a Facebook business profile to share photos with your customers, engage them with polls, let them know about upcoming specials, sales or additions/changes to your services, share coupons and more. Creating a profile also allows others to “check in” at your business (which lets their friends know they were there, providing them with a link to your page), Like your page, and give reviews of your business.

Having an active Facebook profile for your company is a great way to reach your clients and find new ones. It is a great form of free advertising, as when you make a post on behalf of your company, it will appear in the newsfeed of all customers that have liked your page, reminding them of you and what you offer. If you post content that gets liked by a customer, the fact that they liked your post now shows up in their friends’ newsfeeds as well, spreading the word about your company to others! A few weekly posts about a daily deal, new items in your store or on your menu, or even things such as wishing people a happy holiday can garner your business increased attention through social networking.

It is important to keep your Facebook business profile relatively active, so that its ability to expose you to more clientele is at its maximum potential. Another great way to bring your business more attention to Facebook users is through paid advertising.

As Facebook is the most visited website on the internet, and there are ads on every page of it, the potential is amazing!

To setup your page, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/ and the site will walk you through the process. It will prompt you to put in the kind of business you are, your address and phone number, and it will ask you to choose a URL, profile picture and top cover picture. Ideally these should all be reflective of the business and professional. Your URL should be memorable (your company name should more than suffice) profile picture should feature the business logo, and the cover photo can be changed up more regularly.

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