Company History

Kingston Businesses Online has been on my mind for years. Every time I try to look up a Kingston business and find absolutely no information on the web it bothers me. In this day and age every company, big or small, should be online. I wish we had the time and resources to offer solutions for every site out there with a poor web presences but since we don't we focus on businesses that have NO presence at all. Do you need a website? Check out our Services Page for a special 50% off offer!

We will consider this business successful if we can help local businesses get their message out to the thousands of Kingstonians who use the internet every day while making a fair fee.


Vision and Mission

Where KBO fits into this competitive landscape is very much the same place we occupy now, a fairly priced, professional solution for businesses that otherwise wouldn't be able to implement a high quality web experience. If we are able to expand this business and help more businesses achieve greater success through smart use of internet technologies all the better. Our primary goal will be to maintain quality of the service and low price.

Unlike some groups in my industry I am not willing to exclude or exploit businesses that don't have deep pockets. 

Contact us to have a chat about our business philosophies, what we offer our customers, or anything else you care to talk about.