Imagine a woman is strolling around downtown Kingston. She is getting ready to meet up with some friends. They know they want something to eat, but they aren't sure where to go. She pulls out her cellphone and Googles "restaurants in downtown kingston" - several websites show up, they have menus, maps, enticing photos and social media recommendations. A scenario like this is becoming more frequent every day, and it's one reason why every restaurant needs a website.

 Click here to see an example restaurant site we created: "Great Food Kingston".


Promote Your Menu

You are proud of the food you serve; it's delicious, and looks great. With beautiful photos of your menu items, a mouth-watering description, and up to date pricing information you will have everything you need to entice new visitors to try your restaurant. Not to mention remind previous patrons how great their last visit was.


Be on Equal Footing with Your Competition

There are many thousands of Google searches per month for restaurants in Kingston. If your competition shows up, and you don't, that's one less customer for you (and more money in your competitor's pocket). It's always a good idea to invest in a strong online strategy, especially if your competition already has. With Kingston Businesses Online we guarantee that if we do your restaurant's website, and work hard to make you successful, we will not turn around and us our skills to help your competition. That's our Loyalty Promise. For each style of food we will only take on a maximum of one client.


Online is More Effective than Traditional Advertising

Let's compare some different methods of advertising:

  • Only 18 percent of television ads generate a positive return on investment. 90% of consumers who can fast forward through TV commercials do so.
  • Almost everyone has access to AM/FM radio, but most people are also listening to MP3s, internet radio, and satellite radio.
  • Print media and billboards are static, and you're limited in what you can do. Plus how much of your money is literally being thrown away by people tossing your advertisement in the trash?

All of the above advertising platforms are clumsy, broad, and expensive. A lot more expensive than working with Kingston Businesses Online.
With online advertising, including social media and a great, mobile-friendly website, you can capture people who are interested in exactly the kind of food you serve. When their stomach is rumbling and they're looking for someplace to eat you're right there with all the information they need, and a great message that entices them to visit.


Take Advantage of the Mobile Revolution

Some statistics you should be aware of:

  • 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience
  • Mobile-based searches make up one quarter of all searches.
  • 95% of smart phone users have searched for local info.
  • There are over 27 million Canadian wireless phone subscribers

All of our websites are designed for mobile, that means visitors on tablets and smart phones will have as great an experience as people using a PC or Laptop.


Generate Exposure and Brand Awareness

The internet is the most powerful communication network on the planet. It's a place where a small Chinese food buffet making $50,000 a year can look as professional as a fast food corporation worth $1 billion. It's no wonder that companies are spending less on old media like print advertising, TV, and radio and more money online. With a great, updated, mobile-friendly website, and a strong, active social media presence you can let more people know all the great things about your restaurant and build your brand.


Provide Basic Information

When someone is out on the town, looking for a place to eat, and they reach for their cell phone don't you want to show up as an option? With a great online presence you can be right there, offering everything they need to know – hours of operation, payment options, a full menu, directions and even a phone number that they can call with one tap of their finger.


Save time with customer service

Do you find yourself or your staff answering the same questions over and over? What time do you close? Do you offer vegetarian dishes? Do you serve alcohol? Give your customers the opportunity to educate themselves about your business with great tools like a website and social media!


Build a Relationship with Customers

Your customers are your business. Without loyal, satisfied customers you won't last long as a restauranteur. Serving a great meal is only part of the experience. With social media, an email marketing list, and special promotions you can ensure your happy customers can easily tell all their friends how amazing your dining experience is, and reminded them to come back.